14 October 2010

Dan in Real Life

Have you seen Dan in Real Life? I really liked seeing Michael, from The Office, in a sweet role (though he could have talked less about himself and found out more about the girl).

And now I've got a new classic line: "You're a MURDERER of LOVE!!!" Man, that girl was good. Watch this:

Plus, I fell in love with Norwegian Sondre Lerche's music. Check out the soundtrack. Here's one song:


  1. amen, good flick. And I found about sondre lerche also from this soundtrack, good tunes.

  2. Oh! Dan in Real Life is one of my top favorite movies. My family all loves it, actually, and we watch it together often. (It gets funnier every time!)
    You'll catch us saying things like "YOU. are a MURDERER of love!" and "She's IN the THIRD GRADE."

    I'm so glad you have discovered the goodness. :)

  3. Such a great show. I loved it enough to buy the DVD. Yes, that line is a classic!