31 January 2010

January's Links to Love


Podcast classes from Oxford are free!

Play with this map of authors. That's an order. Similarly, here you can type in your favorite authors and get some suggestions for some authors you might enjoy. (Like you don't already have a list of 300 books to read.)

Writer as social butterfly article. Do you break down people when you meet them? Do you want to write about them? I do.

George Orwell's diaries.

Translate any word into Parseltongue

The decade in books


Vintage Kate Spade catalogs.

Maia Ramishvili art.

Another lovely outdoor wedding

Helvetica cookie cutters

The youngest fashion designer ever. (I think my little sister Heidi could do some awesome stuff, too.)

Stolen Monet finally found.

Astounding artworks out of paper.

Between the Folds movie:

I like the idea of a wallpapered dumpster.

Anderson Ink always finds cool stuff. And I like this video she posted of Ramona Falls.

I like this style on guys.

I want to make some valentines like these for the 14th. If only I were romantically involved and someone were romantically involved with me (it's better if it goes both ways, don't you agree?) . . .

35 free fonts

What type/font are you? test
. (The password is "character.")

I will always find scherenschnitte beautiful. And here is some animated scherenschnitte:

I thought I found the German version of J. Crew, but it turns out it's a British company. I love the bright colors in their spring catalog, but it doesn't look like anything ever goes on sale into my price range, so I will probably never buy anything there. Here's the American site. Two of their dresses that I love:


I'm liking The Last Shadow Puppets:

Be Still My Soul, one of my favorite hymns:

I just barely heard about literal versions of music videos. Ha ha. Like James Blunt's "You're Beautiful":

MCQ's albums of the year list (with included YouTube videos).

Some great MTV music videos


I want a Nexus One! But you knew that. More info.

Google and China via NY Times. And via NPR.

Cool web trend map made by a cool-looking Japanese company:

The Web Trend Map Interview from GaijinPot on Vimeo.

If I had a phone that could take apps, I would totally have foursquare, especially for when I travel.

Via Forbes: "Friendships in the Digital Age."

Have you ever seen funny wifi names? I have. Here are two that are passive agressive.

About Facebook from an employee.

If people send you a question that they just as easily could have answered themselves, and you're the very sarcastic type, send them this link:



Mormon Scholars Testify website.


Tanya on sex slavery and New York. Yikes.

The guy who made up Gumby died.

Isn't this disease, Huntington's, tragic?

I'm thinking of juicing to get myself to eat more vegetables and digest some more enzymes. Thoughts?

Modern dating map
(though we all know I'm not a modern dater because of the abstinence thing).

Bamboo bikes.

100 skills everyone should master.

I want to swim to the edge of Victoria Falls, too

Martin Luther King (at Home) Photo Essay.

Amusing accent imitation video (not sure I think the German one is that great for a modern-day 25-year-old):

Chocolate and churros

I'm not a big fan of hearts (as a shape for design), but these hearts seem like a good style for Valentine's Day.

And I liked these valentines.


  1. 1st. thanks for the oxford link! so awesome. i wonder if i'll actually listen to any but i like knowing that it's there.

    2nd. my mom has been shopping at boden for years and suddenly i'm seeing it all over the bloggerverse. their stuff is definitely looking more j. crew-y than usual (and still as expensive...)

  2. I did it! I avoided all my chores and followed all the links. Thanks for another tour of the internets. My type was Plastica. And those literal music videos: ha ha ha.

  3. Only halfway through the links, but I have to say it's a great way to spend sleepless nights. Especially fascinating - all the paper stuff. And I really do love the font for my personality. Thanks!

  4. Michelle, I just saw this post. Thanks for the mention!