14 December 2009

Pre-Christmas Trip Activities

Deep clean the kitchen, which included risking my life by standing on the window ledge to clean windows that haven't been cleaned ever since the sink was installed (who knows when that was?) and knocking over the mop water right as my roommate came home, thus soaking my house shoes and everything else and annoying me to no end. Check.

Re-awaken my carpal tunnel, even with my wrist braces, through a lot of writing. Check.

Look all over for a very German, very cheap nativity scene for my mom. Check on the look. Get some tips from a lady on facebook. Check.

Looking for cheap German nativity scenes . . .

Sluff Chinese and training at the gym to get stuff done. Check.

Show up for appointments at the voice doctor, physical therapist, and other doctors, and get the swine flu shot. Check.

Go to Dresden to hear Vocalis Chor sing and get Antje to pose so I can get a good picture of this very Sunset Boulevard-ish lady. Check.

Sunset Boulevard anyone?

Pay the last of my tithing and sign with the bishop. Check.

Give out some random presents to some good people. Check.

Go to the ward Christmas party. Check.

Ward Christmas Party Theater Piece

Call Elfriede and Lin Wo to get together. Fail.

Kife a Stolle that was promised to me. Check.

Try to get this cutesy boy to smile at the ward Christmas party. Check on the try.


Pick up my semi-damaged suitcase from Mike. Check.

Pack that suitcase with things for the family at 6 AM on the day you're to leave. Don't forget the ingredients for Stollen. Check.

Leave a little something on the table for the roommates, hand over my keys to a friend, and be ready to make it to the train station before 8:11 AM to make it to Frankfurt airport on time. Check.


  1. I have only ever heard people in my family use the work Kife. Thanks for making my day. :)

  2. I really love reading your blog Merry Christmas!