12 October 2007

Schwester Werner

Today I had lunch at 89-year-old Schwester Werner's house. She is so nice. I helped her hand-make potato dumpling things (Kloese) with hard, buttery bread chunks in the middle.
Then she fried up some schnitzels in gravy-type stuff and we mixed in some rotkohl. Can I even describe to you how wonderful it was? She asked if I wanted more. I told her that if I ate any more, my stomach would go "PaSCHEW!" with big hand motions (I didn't know how to say that in German). Then she proceeded to feed me a lovely mixture of fruit. She showed me several family albums, all her pictures of her travels, and told me about the history of Church membership in her family and her husband's family. She even wrapped up some of the fruit mixture and some chocolates for me to bring home. We had a wonderful time together and I hope to be able to visit her some more.

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