26 December 2009

December's Links to Love


Who knew jellyfish were so colorful and pretty?

When you push the button for the elevator, are you touching the finger of God? (I guess this goes against those cool musical stairs that get people to use the stairs.)

Get some help picturing different colors in your design efforts.

Create your own fonts online (Mom, this would be perfect for you I think).

Too bad it's not Halloween. This movie is creepy!!!

Kitchen Sink \ Alison Maclean [1989] from veana on Vimeo.


An internet visionary in 1944.

Online voice training (if only this could help me--the voice doctor prescribed more voice therapy for me, who knows if I'll ever sing again?).

Can't travel to see it? Better-than-live view of The Last Supper here.


Mormon Singles Ward Twilight:

Twilight Years from Tom on Vimeo.

After the Hannukah song that Orrin Hatch wrote, a dude on O'Brien's show wrote a song for the Mormons. Mormons, Mormons, Mormons!


Writing a novel in Excel.

Browse bookshelves online

A digitized German manuscript

Social language learning at livemocha.com.

American dialects (not sure I agree with what is written about the Rocky Mountain dialect).

Most abusively blurbed authors


Pride and Prejudice in emoticons

Do you like Louisa May Alcott? Here's an interesting article about her and her father. And there will be an awesome documentary on the 28th on PBS.

Can you guess if these words indicate cheese or fonts?


Gingerbread man on the loose and in the news.

This guy hosts a dinner for anyone visiting Paris. I think maybe I've posted about him before.

What I hope to do with my old hubby some day:

Snowflakes have six
sides, Mom.

Find lovely music on German MTV here.


  1. You're preaching to the choir on the snowflake issue, Michelle. I'm pretty sure you've noticed that's been a pet peeve of mine for more years than I care to admit. Aren't snowflakes amazing, though. You should post a picture of ours on your blog.

  2. Finally got through all the links. That Kitchen Sink movie is CREEEEEEEEEEEPY.