18 May 2009

Haircut, Finally!

Yesterday, this cute missionary (who went to Olympus, by the way) cut my overwhelmingly long and split-ended hair. (Sorry, Mom, I couldn't hold out.)

We borrowed all sorts of scissors but never got any that were really good. I originally asked for a layer a bit shorter than the longest hair and without feathering, but that didn't work out because the other sister thought she was fixing it by rounding the ends, so Sister Ryser had to cut to match the trial layer.

Here we are during the process of trying to figure out how to cut a non-feathered layer:

Sister Ryser cutting my hair

We were so confused about why some parts always looked longer and if we should part it on the side to cut or not. Here we are after we cut off the failed layer and I had vacuumed up (too bad just a haircut can't make one suddenly become as cute as Sister Ryser):

Sister Ryser and I after the haircut

In the evening:

After my haircut from Sister Ryser

It feels so lovely and healthy! What do you think?


  1. OH MY HECK!!
    (Yes I just used that phrase)
    THAT IS MAGGIE! My roommate from Vienna, I can't believe I haven't kept in better touch with her. I'm such a horrible friend.

    If you see her before I do...haha...will you tell her hi from Rachel Eddington? And that I'm so incredibly jealous she's serving in Deutschland and that her German's wayyy better than mine by now?

    You don't have to tell her all that, but if you did it would be awesome.

  2. I see that you figured out how to make the pictures smaller.

  3. I like the haircut a lot. The feeling of healthy hair is so nice. What made you decide to have the missionary do it instead of going to a salon? too expensive?