17 May 2009

Michelle's 2009 Fashion List


(This picture is enormous and trite. But I love it. And I love Germany. But you knew that.)

Another list I worked on while I was on vacation was figuring out what's in style so I can at least try to adapt what I have to work (buying new clothes isn't really an option at this point in time). But here's what I came up with:

1. leggings/colored tights
2. pleated or wrinkly cotton skirts
3. skinny jeans
4. sweet (ballet) flats
5. dangly earrings
6. collared jackets--few hoods (this is bad news for my wardrobe)
7. plain-colored tops with gathered hems, necklines, or sleeves
8. big shoulder bags, also with gathered material
9. layers
10. scarves (this is most likely mostly European)
11. knitted, knotty sweaters
12. turned up, non-jean knee shorts with buttons on the side

So, next time you see me or a picture of me, you can just imagine how stylish I would look if I had an endless amount of money. :) And you're right, I should finally get my hair cut. And, I should start carrying a bag and stop putting bulky things in my pants pockets.


  1. Michelle! Your hair is so long! It just reminded me of how long it's been since I've seen you in the flesh. :-) And I support your fashion list for 2009. Very "in" of you lol.

  2. We should all post more giant pictures

  3. I don't get this no hoods/ no hats thing here. My head gets so cold! Who cares if your hair gets messed up, as long as you're warm?? The French are hypochondriacs but maybe they wouldn't actually get to sick all the time if they stopped kissing each other and starting covering up their heads!

  4. What's bad for my wallet is that leather bomber jackets seem to be in. And there are NO other jackets in the stores around here. It's driving me nuts, especially because it won't. stop. raining.

  5. Hoods are in, but only if you are gangsta by actually wearing them.

  6. Scarfs are actually 'in' here in Utahr. Just an "I work in an accessories department" anecdote. :)

  7. Elyse: Thanks for your support. :) Alan: I agree, as you can tell, since I can't figure out how to make them small now. Andromeda: In Germany, there's no problem with hats when it's cold. They have big, knitted hats. Hannah: Although I've never heard the term "bomber jacket" until now, I know exactly what you're talking about. Sica: Yes, hoods are for gangstas. Or guys. Nicole: Are scarves in for men too? Some guys wear them here and it always throws me off.

  8. I just read that fashion is what comes around and leaves, but that style is something personal. I sure that you can mostly definitely mix things that are fashionable and certain things that always work, your own personal style.

  9. Apparently I throw grammar and all caution to the wind.

  10. hey, I saw those yellow fields! they're pretty