20 May 2009

Stressful Successes

Reasons why yesterday and today were stressful, but good:

The German Brötchen I had for breakfast were crispy and warm.

I got some interesting comments on my blog.

I measured our apartment and made a map. My room is officially 10.17% of the apartment, and I got to be entertained because Aaron wanted to map it in AutoCAD and we fought over the numbers on the telephone until he realized I had my paper turned a different way.

I did a whole bunch of math to figure out how much to pay for the gas bill, and the number came out even. Sweet.

I didn't have any time to make plans for my class, but the time went fast.

After class, one of my friends (Renny) stopped by to say hello.

I couldn't find my bike after class, but I finally found it against a wall near to where I had locked it. (There are at least 300 bikes around there at that time of day.)

I got a step closer to getting paid for the last three months of teaching (I hadn't had any time to give the school a receipt since I'm a freelancer).

The secretary let me use her copy card to copy the myriad of papers I had to turn in for yet another 2-hour student job. (More hours just to fill out the darn thing.)

The books I interlibrary loaned (yes I just used that as a verb) haven't gotten to the library yet--meaning less reading waiting for me.

It was decided that I get to sit in front on the way to the Pentacost YSA conference.

My tomato plants (try 2009) peeked out of the dirt.

I got up at 5:15 for two reasons: to call my sister on her birthday (no one answered, but happy birthday, Heidi!), and to mop the kitchen floor. Yes, a.m.

My roommates and I had a good conversation today. (More on that later.)

The battery on my computer just up and died, but Apple said I can go get it replaced at my local Apple dealer.

Mike came by and helped me finish some of the things on my to do list.

He set up an appointment with the podiatrist for me. Maybe she can cure my crazy toenail. Or at least give me some tips.

Mike also picked up my inhaler from the pharmacy--that's right, I realized that my wheezing after football two weeks ago must be sports-induced asthma. Sica, you'll have to tell me how to use that thing.

I got some thesis writing done. But only a very, very little.

I seem to be a broken down old lady: my feet hurt, my shoulders hurt, my wrist hurts, my neck hurts, my toe hurts, my knee hurts, my throat hurts, I'm too tired to ever DO anything, I'm getting . . . less thin. But I'm still alive and most of those things are ignorable. Or I can at least only really think about one at a time.

I was amused as I got the answer to my question about where to part hair during a hair cut--I guess I parted my hair a little differently today (without even knowing it), and now I have one strand that's ridiculously longer than the others. As long as it's tucked behind my ear, it doesn't matter. I just consider it an extreme A-line.

Extreme Maggie-style A-Line

I had lovely French music playing from my laptop, though I couldn't find where it was coming from (too many links open, I guess).

Now share your own stressful successes so I can smile.


  1. Still love hearing about your life in Leipzig :)

    Today I managed to carry my 23 pound toddler, a cooler full of lunch and drinks, and a packed diaper bag 3 blocks. In the heat (mid-80's). While 4 months pregnant. We had fun at the park! Successes!

  2. I'm sorry you are in pain! Does Germany's socialized healthcare provide massages?

    I was happy that my little car drove all the way to the auto shop 8600 blocks away (that sounds more than it is doesn't it?) and still made it back to work before 9. Rode my bike all the way to the Trax station on 90th south without having to stop to breath. And chose to not be upset with the auto body shop for fixing my car without my consent! WooT!

  3. Stressful success? I am moving in a week, so am constantly stressed but so far can't do anything about it, lol. Though I did make lots of phone calls and set up appointments yesterday, so that always makes me feel good.

    I had the same thing happen with my hair; the bob was longer in the front, and the first time I did it myself, this long piece was messing up the symmetry, argh. I just cut it myself, lol.

  4. Stressful success:

    Jonathan's severe chest pain that we had to go to the ER for in the middle of the night last night turns out not to be a heart problem and should eventually heal itself and he will feel better with lots of ibuprofen. fhyew.

  5. Got the house whipped into shape, gathered and organized supplies for a project to be done at a meeting here and did it without once raising my voice or having a meltdown. 16 happy women, 30 completed items later here's a big thank you to Dave, Mike, Jeff, Sica, and Heidi for their help.

  6. You just put your mouth on the opening, press down the canister, and breathe in deeply then hold your breath for 10-15 seconds. It works best if you do it twice about 15 minutes before you start your activity, but if you have trouble breathing while playing, just take another puff.

  7. Sorry about the haircut. Sister Ryser's a better missionary than beautician.

  8. It is so great to hear from all of you! Sister Ryser, no worries about the haircut, I think it's charming. And Sica, thanks for the tip.