10 April 2009

Sweet Old Couples

While transferring trains last week, I saw an old couple. Both were wrinkled and stooped, but I purposely situated myself to watch them while I waited. Why? Because I was impressed by the obviousness of their love for each other. They were talking like old friends, looking each other in the eyes and smiling. His arm wasn't exactly around her as his hand was gripping a handrail, but it was open and she was leaning into him. There was such a lovely feeling of companionship.

I love old couples like that. I used to also watch the old couples at Cottonwood Mall who would make rounds there so they wouldn't have to be out in the cold. The way they held hands as if they were still young and in lovey make me want something similar in my future, in my older days.

That's what I want some day. I think that it is an especially difficult temptation these days to only give as much in a relationship as the other one does. People think that if each give 50%, it will work out. But truthfully, that is selfish. I hope I can overcome my selfishness no matter how much he gives. Because even if it's unfair, I know that I will be doing my best, that I am loving him unconditionally, and that the chances of him returning the love go up if I give my all. Like I read in Crucial Conversations (an awesome book), it makes no sense that we treat people badly in order to get them to treat us well, such as with the silent treatment.

I don't see as many of those couples in Germany. A few minutes later, she got on one train, and he left to wait at another track. Individuals are awesome. But some couples complete each other.

Wish me luck. Maybe I'll find someone to complete me at the Young Single Adult conference this week.


  1. What a sweet post. Thanks for the reminder of giving 100%, we always need reminders. Good luck in finding the perfect person for you!