19 February 2009

Heatless Links

One year ago today, I ensured that my heat was turned off before I took off at 3 in the morning to get to the airport on my way to New York with Jessie. While in the U.S., I got an email about how much money we had to pay for our heating, though we already had a monthly payment.

I haven't turned the heat on since. To celebrate a heatless year, here's a whole boatload of fun stuff. Enjoy!

From Tanya:

Try to be like Jackson Pollock.

Most beautiful words in the English language

Napping guide.

I love this music video (and the music):

Tanya also sent me this link because Leipzig made it to picture 4 in the week in pictures!

What a cool idea to film the chaos babies make over the time span of 4 hours:

I loved this post about tulips for a mother.

An account of Mormon silkworm-raising.

Here you can accumulate points when you purchase things online. (May as well.)

Crazy tough guy challenge in England! I can't believe this!

This is one of the best interviews about Mormonism that I've ever seen by a girl in Boston.

Add bacon to any website!?! Amy Lawson, this is for you!

And, finally (!), someone who justifies my dislike for serif fonts!

After living in Germany for how long(?), I am finally suggesting an awesome contemporary German musician: Friedrich Störmer.

Lovely scherenschnitte.

I read that the Salt Lake lady with the long fingernails lost them in a crash. That's too bad.

Some day, I will also be a writer with my dog, a Bernese Mountain Dog. See these guys.

I always liked Roald Dahl. Here's his writing hut. And take the quiz about him.

Here's a well thought-out post about the controversy of modern-day motherhood.

Check out this video of what news anchors do during commercials (way too much time on their hands, two minutes):


  1. I do mypoints. I don't have to buy anything, just click through emails.

    LOVE that music video and all the other linkage here. /Thanks for the great morning entertainment.

  2. Hahaha, what a coincidence. I just barely started reading Henry Sugar again.

  3. That music video is so freakin' cool. I'm curious how much your heat bill was. No heat is a pretty big sacrifice.

  4. Click through emails? How does that work? I want to get points for what I do every day anyway that doesn't require moola . . .

    Henry Sugar. Awesome.

    Heat bill: 600 Euros

  5. Liked the music video - but news anchors don't really do stuff like that - total publicity stunt. Don't you just hate it when adults try to be cool? And the little kid video, isn't it strange how 99.349% of his/her time was spent everywhere but on the blanket? Why don't babies just understand societal boundaries yet?

  6. Thanks for posting the link to that video of the Day of Faith at Harvard. I think having Sally Quinn as the moderator was a huge mistake. Did you watch the other videos in the series? Video 6 was with a women Liz Cook and Sally Quinn at the beginning said she couldn't believe they didn't have a christian on the panel so they were glad to have found Liz Cook. This of course prompted Rachel Esplin to chime in " I am a christian" what is more when interviewing the Muslim women 40 seconds in Sally Quinn says "Mormon women friends who wear headscarves" obviously she meant Muslim women and I hate to say this but wow what an idiot.