07 January 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

To entertain you:

Swiss Gardening Boot Camp

Some Mickey Mouse shoes I happened upon that I loooooooove (who'd a thunk?):

Pride and Prejudice on Facebook! Seriously worth looking at, whether a Pride and Prejudice fan or not, so I'll post it here for your enjoyment:


Some nice 2008 music tips from Melissa Newman (Jason's wife).

A touching New York Times article.

Did you know "My Favorite Things" was one of my favorite songs when I was in elementary school? I've never even seen Sound of Music. But I've discovered that unless it's sung just right, it can be scary. Like Julie Andrews. Or this lady. Or these slowies. Or schizophrenic. Okay, so I couldn't find a version that fits the happy, upbeat way I sing it. But this jazzy version was pretty good.

Here is a cool article with a mention of Aaron's family (he grew up in Mittweida, a very small town that has a huge ward basically because of his ancestor).

A list (with links) of the best new short stories from the LA Times blog.

The loveliest [Mormon] missionary tract ever printed.

I do live in the city of Bach, so I just thought I'd throw this one in: