07 December 2008

World Traveling Gingerbread Man!

I just had to tell everybody about the coolest thing I saw the other day: the Gingerbread Man himself! Unfortunately, he was such a fast little guy I couldn't even get my camera turned on before he was gone. To help you get the picture, I'm providing a picture I found on the internet. Whoever took this picture must have been ready with their camera, because he was all over here in Leipzig, Germany!

He ran past the famous Battle of the Nations monument, raced the street trams, spun around on the enormous building-sized candle carousel, darted between the booths offering warm food and traditional holiday decorations at the Christmas Market, and then disappeared into the train station. At this point I was out of breath from chasing him and had to rest under the enormous hanging lights.

I had no idea where he came from, but later I was chatting with my Aunt Sydni, and she said that my cousin Matthew's class has been looking all over for him. He seems to be a world traveler, because he made it all the way here to Leipzig, Germany!

Good luck, Matthew, that is one speedy guy, and he looks delicious, too!

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