07 December 2008

Mormon Christmas According to a German Mormon

I recently read a German Mormon post about how Mormons celebrate Christmas, and was surprised to hear of traditions that I've never seen or heard of talked about as if they were normal for all Mormons. Some of his things were very personal traditions, so I was surprised he labeled them as Mormon.

Here are the ones that especially surprised me:

-"Some Mormons put the angel Moroni instead of a star on top of the tree." Hmmm. I've seen plenty of angels, but I never ever thought that they were Moroni.
-"In most church houses, there is a short sacrament meeting, some in the afternoon, some in the evening, on Christmas Eve [or I guess this would count as Christmas, since Americans celebrate then]." Yup, never seen that. We did sing in the church last year here in Leipzig, but that was it.
-"Since Christmas Eve [or Christmas, again] is so holy as Sunday, no money is spent and no sports are played." Plenty of sports are played (all those kids getting new footballs and wiis), and if there were stores open, I'm sure we would have nothing against spending money. I totally bought a pair of socks at Aldi last Christmas Eve.
-"A family prayer, when the whole family is together on Christmas Eve, is not unheard of." Wait, don't we pray in families every evening? I've never heard of a special family prayer then, though the idea is not bad.

Happy second advent! (Oh wait, no one in America celebrates that, either. To me, then.)

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  1. Oh my goodness. This is so funny. I had to read it to my husband and I rarely read him anything from blogs. He thought it was funny too.