17 September 2008

Yearbook Yourself!

Yearbook yourself while you're waiting for me to get back and post about Italy!

1952: I actually really like this one. Besides the beard, that is.

1954: My grandma had exactly this hairdo. Those tiny little bangs are crazy. (Yeah, that little side sweep of hair is not supposed to be there.) I guess this was one of the few hairdos that was good for people with thin hair. That's a lot of forehead exposure though, isn't it?


1966: I don't think I could ever make my hair that big if I wanted to. This look like Mrs. Graves from good old days at Olympus Junior High School. I always suspected she had a wig as one side was aaaaaaalways curled out and one aaaaaaalways curled in. One time, we devised a plan of how to have a nail hanging from the door to snatch it off as she walked in. Of course, we never made it a reality.


1976: This is similar to the hairdo my mom had around the time she married my dad.

1980: Blech. I think out of all of the hairdos here, this is the worst and most hobbit-y one. And I know a few people who still have it today. (I guess they forgot to move on.)

1982: Wow, how is that even possible?


1986: Nastily, eerily Michael Jackson-ish.

1990: Pretty sure I have this exact hairdo in my kindergarten pictures. Yes, even the two sets of bangs: one back, one forward. And the hair on the side hairsprayed out.



2000: I remember those huge bangs. I was never a part of those. When I was 11 or 12, I hated that my mom always made me curl my bangs (with a one-inch curler) before I went to school every day. I would sneak out as often as I could. So I grew them out. And the growing-out process was such a pain (you always have to have barrettes with you!) that I have never had bangs since.

Vote for your favorite!


  1. Paul thought you were Heidi. Then when he figured out it was you, he said, "I never thought they looked alike before, but now I think they look exactly the same."

  2. My vote is for 1952. Or 1984. Remember the Cindy Crawford workout we did in high school? The 1984 style somehow reminds me of that.

  3. That is so fun. I think I like the ones from the 60's best. I did it on myself and it is scary what I like....