25 September 2008

Smart Art

This is a prank essay we turned in to my English teacher during high school. (I promised Amy Lawson that I would post it some day.) The assignment was to compare two words that kind of meant the same thing, but had different connotations, like "art" and "craft" and "smart" and "intelligent" and "thin" and "skinny." We never found out how our teacher reacted, but I sure thought it was funny. Maybe you will too.

Smart Art
Or, in other words, how NOT to write an essay.
To start out, Ms. Bishop, I would really like to prove to you throughout this whole, entire, essay: to tell you the author uses diction in the words “art” and “smart”. These are drastically, important; good, words witch mostly probably are full of and have lots of meaning. For example; they are – rhyming, AND alliteration!!!!! I am not sure, but it is ohnomattopeeuh. At crestview elementary, there is a art, start art program, kinds like – a club: the club is to be are next fun topic.

There is ahole ton of diction. Lots of people always really take art smart start, clubs, [for granite.] Those were in a gang. Those are really very bad, not good. Yet another example: First, while club and gang is the exact same diction, they are very different concoctions. It is water under the bridge. They are different a lot. I hope I have proved to you; Ms. Bishop, the dedication to diction which is in the novel used by the author good ole Ernest. It is in the novel a-lot which I found in the book. I am hoping you have been shown these very different things which I showed to the reader.