23 March 2008

Leipzig Easter Convention Day 3

So, here I am in Leipzig and I go to the convention early every morning and come home late (around 1 or 2, after cleanup). Wow, so much for getting over jetlag. I guess all that extra sleep in Chicago didn't help, either, but it sure was nice. Today was awesome, the ball went really well--I have a few new crushes. I danced so much that in the end I thought I might throw up or fall over completely dizzified if I danced anymore. We did the chicken dance several times, and I was surprised to see that on the clapping part, they did a clap above the knee, a clap under the knee, and then the other side, and for the chorus, instead of swinging around with arms interlocked, they flapped their arms. They call it the duck dance. I convinced Christoph to do karaoke (which people danced to). We did Weezer's Buddy Holly, and I was surprised and pleased to see that I got the highest score I have seen, even though they sing low. Christoph was not far behind, with only 300 points less. I was also surprised to see that the words I thought I knew weren't always really the words.

It's wonderful to be back, I think my German has improved ten times as much as usual because I've had straight German, although there are a few lamers who insist on speaking English to me even though I refuse to listen until they speak German. :)

Today at dinner one of the girls in charge asked me if I knew any songs to play on the piano. I said probably not, and then finally I told her I thought I could do it. I knew I could, but anyway, I announced what it was (Rachmaninov's Prelude in C# Minor) and that I didn't have music with me and I hadn't prepared and tried it. I did horribly, but I felt like the audience was okay with that. They found it cute when I said, "Nein!" Or, "Oh well," and started again from the last section I could remember. There was one section I just couldn't get and my hands were shaking so bad, so I finally moved on to the next section and ended. Phew. People said that I broke the ice and that they were still impressed, especially since I kept trying, and I actually kind of believed them. Elder Dixon came to me later and said, "Michelle, I have that music." "With you?" "Here." I wish he hadn't said anything. Bah.

Oh, another embarrassing moment: we had a choice between beach volleyball, bowling, or football (soccer). Of course, I love all three, but bowling filled up fast and not many people signed up for football, which I had missed, so I signed up for that. Man. Indoor soccer is something else I tell you. The ball is so bouncy, it's hard to control. I was the only girl as usual, but it was lame how badly I played, especially since I kept telling the people signed up for it that I was so excited to play. I did make the first goal for our team, but seriously, I think it was a lucky fluke. After that it was just horrible. I would like to try it again, but maybe with people who aren't so good at it.

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