20 November 2007

Random Remarks

Sica and Heidi--So there's some big fuss about Dumbledore being gay. Did J.K. Rowling mean the character in her book or the actor in the movie? I already knew about the actor. I guess it doesn't really matter for the plot, does it?

For Amy Lawson--Did you hear about that "dog whisperer" dude who said that Americans have bad-behaving dogs because they're treated like babies? People need to take control of the pack!

Tanya--Please learn this dance. They don't believe in freestyle here.

Wil--Did you hear about Larry Craig being totally ignored by his fellow senators? It makes me think of the Loneliness of Leadership article and the FHL.

Fischbowl and Bryce--I just read an article about an alternative school (New Country in Minnesota) where the kids have cubicles and they organize their own time and education. It sounded kind of weird to me, but this made a lot of sense to me:

"You don't go into your job in the morning and say, 'OK, for the first 42 minutes of my job, I'm going to do the math part.' And then a buzzer goes off, and you do the social history part of your job. You don't do that," Thomas said."

I think I would have problems with trying to finish everything at the end of the school year.

Mom--Peg Brecken, who wrote the I Hate to Cook Book, died this week. She said she wanted women to have time to smoke and drink cocktails.

Anyone who likes music--Jesca Hoop, a Mormon singer from Cali, has cool music worth checking out.

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