17 November 2007

Just Kickin It

I am sitting here, mourning the fact that I can't go to football today. That will make two times I've missed football so far, but my last excuse was much more exciting. If you're not ready for gruesome details, please do not read on.

I woke up early this morning because my toe was throbbing. It took me quite a while to wake up and realize that it really was. And, of course, it was the toe that has had toenail troubles since Havasupai in June.

The pain got so bad that I finally got out of bed and flipped on the light. My toe looked normal, but it was very tender. A piece of the top has been breaking off for a while where the new nail is growing in, so I decided to investigate by cutting down to where the new nail was. Unfortunately, the spring on my clippers is kind of broken, so I had to do some sick maneuvering. I just didn't understand why the nail wouldn't tear all the way across. After finally successfully cutting some pieces and discovering a new nail, I realized that only the left side of the nail was dead and wanting to fall off, while the right lives on, or at least is firmly attached to the new nail. I couldn't get clippers under that side if I wanted to. I still don't understand where the pain is coming from. It's not on the sides or top like an ingrown toenail would be (at least the ones I've experienced), it's at the bottom. Does that mean the nail is growing back into my toe? Ow. Just barely scratching back the cuticle made me wince, and walking is not much better. That's why I decided that kicking probably would not be in my best interest today. Part of me just wants to go anyway, to see if I could hack it and who knows, maybe kill the other half of the nail. The only plus to the events of this morning is that I've never seen what's under a nail before. Fascinating. Unfortunately, the photo can't show you the layers very well. Here's the battlefield:

Yes Mom, I soaked it. In water and hydrogen peroxide.

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  1. Hey kiddo - if it's hurting that badly, you need to get it checked out! Until then soak, soak, soak! We don't want you leaving any toes behind in Germany! LOL