03 July 2007


Havasupai. All this word meant to me before was a place that my friend Melissa went on and on about when we were kids. Now I have my own memories and blisters to associate with Havasupai.

Here's Johnny, Kara, Alexis, Ryan, Dave, Paul, Amy, and I, at the trailhead.

This is Amy and I before the first set of falls we saw: Havasu Falls. These pictures do no justice to the color of the water.

I think that when I think back to Havasupai, these are the things I will remember:

-Amy saved me on the hike in by making me tell stories.
-Paradise can be in a desert.
-Heat is no problem when you can just jump in the water whenever you want.
-Everyone on the trip was so considerate, friendly, tough, and cool, even when I was wimpier than they were, they would offer a hand.
-Johnny and Kara and Ryan and Alexis make really good couples.
-Jumping off a cliff is easier if you just do it quickly.
-Sometimes you jump off a cliff out of necessity--it's too hot not to.
-I know how to use those mini propane tanks now.
-Lipton rice packets are yummy.
-I need to become a stronger swimmer.
-Flip flops are not sufficient for hiking through rivers and climbing on wet rock.
-Trying to walk the slack line was awesome.
-Lexi's hair is amazing and Amy and I were totally jealous.
-Crystal Light, although not very appealing to me at home, was good enough to drink almost a whole Nalgene when arriving back from a hike.
-Lotion labeled as "Clover" may really smell like weeds.

See if you can find me, jumping off a cliff at Buffalo Falls. I am wearing lavender.

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