30 June 2011

June's Links to Love


Sun in a jar!

Art for Harry Potter fans

DIY sprout-a-couch

Egg carton crafts.

Don't miss these epic photos.

Make a modern paper lamp.

Need people to sketch? How about your Facebook friends?

Allover stencils.

Modern house numbers (and cheap).

Make-your-own modern firepit

I was recently thinking I'd like my silverware to be color-coded. I didn't think of this.

Colorful doors


Contribute to the giant Jesus statue fund! ;)

See where Mormons fit in the American religion income chart.

Kind of weird, but here's MoTab doing a surprise street performance:


What should I read next?

Yes, I Love Technology:

Google Calendar now has appointment slots!

It took long enough to get a Blogger "Blog This" button for Chrome.

10 gadgets for your GMail. Here's the whole directory of Google gadgets.


The real way to go non-white-water kayaking.

Only Jake Scott would unicycle with a stroller.

Shoes I'm tempted to get. I also crazily like these rose ones.

Why I can't make mom friends:

93-year-old still teaching ballet

Amusing ultrasound pics.

U2 has a fan cam. If you've been to a concert, find yourself here.

Less lawns.

Why are amazing stories on talent shows so touching? I don't know. But here's a Korean one:

A recipe for one of the best meals I've ever bought (at Wagamama's in London).

The USDA's "My Pyramid" has been replaced by "My Plate."

Ever tried a room escape game

Beauty of Mathematics:

Anyone heard of Snapdeal.com, India

Sleep process with a new baby

Richard Dreyfuss reading Apple user agreements

Beautiful bike culture:

Boredom busters for kids.

Everyday things you didn't know had names. (Sica: petrichor.)

Car salesman lie detector:

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  1. I followed your name/link from Mormanityblogspot. Thank you for your clip on Korea's Got Talent.