29 August 2010

August 2010's Links to Love

Well aren't you lucky this month? I lost a whole bunch of the links thanks to my forgetfulness in pressing the save button before closing down the computer. Sigh. This linking habit of mine is not good for my carpal tunnel. But I hope you enjoy anyway.


I wouldn't mind if beaches now were more like beaches 100 years ago.

On a similar note, check out these mixed time period photographs (the second one is the Reichstag).

Look at these bouquets with non-flowering plants in them. Wow. I used to love polka dot plants and hens and chicks when I was little. I wonder if I would dare put them in my wedding bouquet. Probably not.

Cheese wedding cakes. Another thing I think is awesome but I'm not sure I'd choose it for myself.

X-rayed flowers.

Four classic films to check out at the library.

Pretty sewn news.

A life story in photographs

Design your own earrings

Look at this darling shack

Prints of retro GQs.

Get your own scratch-off map.

Collette Dinnigan designs fresh, clean homes like this one.

I like this idea of putting lace on lights to make them look pretty.

Poet's loft on a lake for rent. Love.

Ballerina Project.

Retro social media ads.


Who knew there were so many phrases on matchboxes to make a song? (Thanks, Sarah.)

Did you hear about the armless Chinese piano player?

I've just discovered Daphne Loves Derby:


One word to get you started writing.

Adopt a word! I adopted "starrify" and "quibbleism," with the first being something I love and the second being something I dislike.

Most stolen books bookshelf.

Ten crazy rejection letters.

Grawlix. #@?*&!


First edition Book of Mormon, 1.5 million.

LDS Women authors

"Where [Mormon] Feminism Doesn't Take Me."

Have you seen Carol Lynn Pearson's interviews on YouTube? (Warning, they're really long.) Check out this one on the divine feminine.

Did you see the poll about perceptions of Mormons? (For example, about three-quarters of those polled are unsure whether Mormons believe the Bible or are Christians.) Here's a small discussion.

Yes, I Love Technology:

Gmail is making phone calls now.

Gmail game.

monetizes your links.

Now you can access two Gmail accounts at once!

Google's estimation of the total number of books in the world.


Which of these neighborhood layouts do you like the best? The wavy one is cool, but it would be hard to get anywhere.

Sao Paulo replica of Solomon's temple

Although beaches are okay, I'm a mountain and lake person. That's why I want to visit the world's ten most beautiful lakes.

I've noticed the hole in windows in airplanes, too.

Pop Tart shop

Presidential nuzzle

Be careful with those ice sculptures:

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