30 March 2010

March's Links to Love


Simple cutesy John Klassen cards.

A wonderful tiny apartment

Linen wedding flowers.

What do you think about floor-to-ceiling windows? This is certainly a to-die-for use of them.

So I know this is a little girl's birthday party, but I really like the piñata her mom made.

Blue, white, black, brown interior. Wow. So peaceful.

Oh my beautiful liberty of london! I've been looking for a springy scarf. I love these floral patterns that are in right now.

Different photos of the same hill. Dreamy idea of Paul Octavious.

City, water, night.

Darling material.

Brilliant tablecloth idea. I'd choose something other than butterflies, though. Maybe stars? Maybe "Happy birthday"? Maybe "I love you"?


Should everybody write? I was recently told by an older German that all Americans want to write a book. Hmmm.

Walking in an author's digital footsteps (awesome!).

Harriet the Spy turned blog wars.

How much money famous writers would be making by today's standards.

The intellectual girl's survival kit.

Alternative Russian classics (the eyes of that last guy are really creepy, no?).

The insides of David Foster Wallace's books.


Reasons why Twitter might die. Will we laugh at this in 10-15 years, like I laugh at this 1995 internet piece?

Digital remains. I've often wondered what will happen to all the files I leave behind.

Google Buzz controls. What are you guys thinking of Buzz? I'm not sure where I stand yet.


The Church as a social network.


Ha ha ha. Online shopping in the U.K.

Crayola rockets.

Terminator asteroids are a reality.

Nifty fußball tables! Which do you like the best? I think I like the good vs. evil one the best. Or the coffee table (but it's kind of short to really get into, but maybe that's good for short people like me who can't always see over the edge . . . ). Double use!

How to make thin mints.

If you had 2000 descendants at the time of your death, where would the funeral be? And how sweet is the name Yitta?

Though I'm not the biggest coconut fan, just the picture of these cookies makes me want to try making them. And I looooove passion fruit.

Hilarious maps.

IKEA Heights: a series secretly filmed in IKEA

Breathable chocolate might be my cure (or my end).

For all you list-makers out there.

Beautiful bride, hilarious Freudian slip:

Heavy Heart by Jeffrey Lewis:


  1. Hey! I stumbled across your interview on MormonWomen.com and wanted to tell you that I think it's great you chose to study LDS mommy blogs for your thesis! I think it's a really creative topic and definitely interesting. I absolutely agree with your statement that "a blog not only confirms her life as being interesting, but it gives her a grand, physical accomplishment that can give her immense satisfaction." I'm Mormon, and though I don't have kids (YET!), I think blog my crafts and junk exactly for that: I can summarize the things I do every day, and there's a record of it for later. Having a blog reminds me that there ARE things in my life worth recording. Anyhoo, thanks for inspiring me and making me think a little today!

    All the best,
    Kira Nichols