28 February 2010

February's Links to Love


This blog just brings out one of those sighs of loveliness admitted.

Cute garbage bags!?!

I think this is the most beautiful homepage I have ever seen. I want to frame it and put it on my wall (it's already set to be my computer background):

Book-displaying ideas. (I like the side table idea. And the backwards books.)

I want a grey striped wall in my living room some day.

Rachael Smith interiors.

Some people can pull off lots of white in their homes. Somehow I've never been able to do that.

Would you dare sand your counters and spray paint them? Yikes. But it looks great!

Justin Hackworth's "First Year of Marriage" project makes me wish I were getting married . . . hee.

Holy bajoly. The clothing at eShakti is beautiful and not too expensive, and guess what? You can have them change things! Like longer sleeves! Or not-so-scarily-deep neck lines.

And Makie clothing is even more beautiful, but 500 billion times more expensive ($625 for a dress? Ouch!).

Would you take pictures of everything you have? I swear there's gotta be more.

A curtain made of negatives.

One of my peers in my master's program came to school one day with the most beautiful tea canister I had ever seen. I and all the other girls remarked on it, upon which he said his girlfriend had gotten it somewhere. I randomly found it in a magazine that my health insurance sounds now and then and here it is online. Dude, if it weren't 23 honking Euros I'd buy it now just so I could look at it.

I love these sleek book shelves, but I'm all about red, black, white, and simplicity in interior design.


I wish I had the time and funds to read the books on the POC's reading challenge list.

Great writers--did they write standing up or laying down or sitting?

I can't wait til I'm a published author so I can totally blow off interviewers and do whatever I want. (Or do I do that already? I guess I don't have to wait until then . . . )

Library wordles (oh no, more books for my reading list! Actually, endless joy!)

Mesmerizing Sappho poem tidbits

Weird book room. This made me think of a book my dad found at the library's used book sale when I was 13 or so. It was so funny. I leant it to a friend and never saw it again. Now I can't remember exactly what it was called, but I remember learning it was out of print. Something about a Chinese laundry?

75 vampire novels and vampire morality


U.S. Facebook regions (and the Mormonia area especially interests me--I've often thought that Mormons are huge advocates of Facebook because of all that "Mormon connection" that is built through missionarywork. Do you think a similar map of Europe would have a Catholica?).

Google Buzz. What do you think? 5 Tips. 5 more tips. (Gmail mittens. Awesome!)

Creative 404 Error Pages.

GMail labs graduation and retirement.


Cupcakes are out, macaroons are in. Yum! (The only cupcakes I ever liked anyway were my mom's cream-filled chocolate cupcakes.) And there's a recipe in the article, too. Sica, I dare you!

Would you pay 25% of a third normal ticket to cuddle with your sweety in an airplane?

One hundred free classic online movies you should see (I've already watched The Count of Monte Cristo and Nineteen Eighty-Four). Very important note: Nosferatu is included!

Dangerous roads
. I particularly like the road that doesn't permit any mistakes.

Thirty dumb inventions listed by LIFE.

Vancouver Olympic Village aerial image

A great things-that-make-me-smile list (I especially laughed at the big dog one).

Feisty daughters of presidents.

Did you watch the Olympics? Pretty sure I watched a healthy four-minute dose of ski jumping at a friend's house. But I saw someone post this commercial and liked it:

Hilarious re-dos of pictures when younger.


  1. Hey! I made the list! But there must be something wrong with the link...

    Love your links, as usual. I totally want to try painting my own countertops now.

  2. The book is, "Help I am a prisoner in a chinese laundry." I recently looked for that book.

  3. Sorry Mishk, I don't think I'll be trying the macaroons. It calls for almond flour and I'm pretty sure it's not a good idea to bake with ingredients that I'm allergic to. Weird huh?

  4. Sica, don't do it! Also, I really want to do some of those "young me/now me" pics. I can think of several funny ones.