26 February 2010

Be Dearly Greeted

There is so much I want to share with you. So much. But I don't have a lot of time and I should be enjoying my birthday, so happy my birthday to you! Enjoy this (German birthday wishes are the best because birthdays here are big time!):

Hallo Michelle,

Zuerst einmal möchte ich dir ganz herzlich zu deinem Geburtstag gratulieren! Das ich doch das wichtigste heute! J

Ich wünsche dir vor allem Gesundheit, dass es dir gut geht und du dich so fern von deiner Familie und Heimat wohl fühlst. Dass der Vater im Himmel dich immer beschützt und du das auch spüren kannst.

Ich staune oft, wie du das alles so meisterst. Ich denke, dass es mir schwer fiele, von hier fort zu gehen. Und du hast dein Studium hier gemacht, bist in der Kirche aktiv, arbeitest nun. Du hast eigentlich nie am Rand gesessen, du machst Besuche, gehst mit den Missionaren mit, scheinst im RIZ mittendrin zu sein. Vielleicht sieht man nicht immer alles. Aber das ist in meinen Augen schon eine ganz schöne Leistung, auf die du stolz sein kannst.

Ich hoffe, du hast heute einen schönen Tag. Feierst du mit jemandem?

Sei für heute also lieb gegrüßt

Or, in other, English words:

First of all I would like to sincerely congratulate you on your birthday! That is the most important today!

I wish you health above all, and that you are doing well and feel comfortable so far away from your family and home. I also wish that Father in Heaven always protects you and that you can feel it.

I am often amazed how you master so much. I think it would be hard for me to walk away from here. And you have done your studies done, are active in the church, and are now working. You've never watched from the sidelines, you do your visiting teaching, go with the missionaries, seem to be centrally involved in the RIZ (institute). Perhaps one does not always see everything. But in my eyes all that is already a very nice accomplishment that you can be proud of.

I hope you have a nice day. Are you celebrating with someone?

So for today, be
dearly greeted.


  1. So I checked out the link to your other blog where you wrote about big birthday celebrations and how you had never seen a 70-year-old bash. Don't you remember Grandma Glauser's at the cabin. It was huge! And while maybe we don't celebrate all day long, I'm pretty sure everyone in our family always gets a breakfast of their choosing, lunch with mom at a place of their choosing, a dinner of their choosing, a yummy dessert of their choosing, birthday candles and nice gifts. And sometimes even a party. Hmmm. Sounds like all day to me after all.

  2. Oh, yeah, and a very happy birthday to you over there from me over here! How'd you like your package?