20 January 2010

Yet Another Invitation, This Time by the New York Times

Check out this New York Times list of places to visit in 2010.

Leipzig is number 10, between Antarctica and Los Angeles!

I've got a couch and a fridge located there if you want to make it to at least one of the New York Times's suggested places.


  1. Metz was 39 last year! Come practice your French and I'll come practice German :-)

  2. Yeah, if I had any French . . . I think I can know two words: "yes," and "bonjour," which I'm not even sure of--does it mean "goodbye" or "hello" or both? Oh, and "excuse moi" or something like that. :)

    But yeah, we should meet up. I've got to plan a trip out that direction.

  3. Metz used to be German, so you could probably get away with speaking German, and the older generations would still understand you!

    Bonjour means hello (literally, good day) and in the Western border regions at least, lots of French words are slipping into German. Appartment, baguette, coiffure . . .