24 November 2009

MHA Presidential Seerstone

Here is my contribution to the Mormon History Association's traveling Presidential Seerstone:

That's the Presidential Seerstone (and moi) in front of the church where Bach worked for 37 years.


  1. How fun!

    Do you mind if I send a copy of the picture to Ron Romig, the MHA president who is behind this idea? I think your picture is the farthest afield of any that has been taken so far.

  2. Hi Michemily!

    I don't know the best place to respond to your question so I'm answering here:

    I can't be totally objective about my recovery from my tonsillectomy because-well-I was totally stoned at the time. I can say, that on the meds, the pain was totally manageable. At first I was on Percoset. It worked to take the pain away, gave me really funky dreams, and helped me sleep through the entire first week. Unfortunately, it made me itch like CRAZY. So then they switched me to Tylenol with Codeine. It is not as strong so I'm glad I wasn't on it the first week. But by week two, it was okay that I wasn't being knocked unconscious every four hours. By the end of the second week, I was fine. (If I remember correctly.)

    All I know is, everyone kept telling me horror stories about how horrible it was going to be. But maybe they were treating their pain with Advil? Who knows. I don't think it was worse than any other major surgery. And I got lots of ice cream.

    So there ya go. Drop me an e-mail if you have any other questions! :)

  3. Ardis: it's already been sent.

    Acte gratuit: thanks for the tonsillectomy info!