22 November 2009

Candid Picture

I found this picture of me in my sister Amy's picasaweb archives. (And today is her Geburtstag!)

It gives me a feeling I can't explain . . . the stormy sky, the look on my face, my unawareness that I'm being photographed, a shadow of Paul behind me, my untidy michemily scarf, the lack of contrast between colors, my wind-curled hair . . .


  1. Why hello! You stopped over at our blog Moms Without Blogs and I was so intrigued by your thesis on mommy bloggers that I just had to click over. I just perused your thesis but at 89 pages and with my three young kids, I feel it will be impossible for me to get through it all!! :-)

    How impressive though! And I feel you of course have hit on the main reason why many of us have found a home online. A place to call our own and to get us out of the home virtually when we need it. I think blogging has helped many modern day mamas - me included.

    Thanks for stopping by our space!


  2. I love pictures of myself that are like this. Where I can see myself and be self reflective of who I am. Maybe we are just vain?! Or maybe we are confident women.