12 October 2009

Joshua Radin

Though I've been a fan of Joshua Radin for several years, I've never been to one of his concerts. So when I got the email saying he was to perform in Berlin tomorrow, I got really excited and tried to think of who would like to go with me. The more I thought about it though, the more I realized that I go to non-classical concerts mainly to be able to say I've been there, and that the lameness of being in a crowd that is likely drunk or high does not make up for the great music. Most of the time, you're not even close to the performer anyway, so it's just like squinting at a screen and hearing music through speakers, both of which I could do at home. For free.

So, tomorrow, I will not be going to see Joshua Radin. I may just buy his CD on iTunes that I don't have instead and listen to it. And be happy.

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