22 May 2009

Links to Love

Literary stuff:

How interesting is Klingon?

Mad About English trailer:

I like this poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

How to save lit mags.

Insulting words to learn. I remember how I told someone they were "fundamental" in 4th grade because "mental" sounded bad. I secretly laughed because I had looked it up in the dictionary and knew it meant "basic."

I also like this post with a poem by Carol Lynn Pearson.

Random stuff:

Is this your luggage?

Nimble brain tips from NPR.

NPR forgot to mention that being short is also good for slipping between people in basketball.

I know my brother Jeff can jump rope, but can he do this?

Awesome acoustic music suggested by Dave Eschenfelder. (His favorite artists are Andy Mckee, Andrew White, Don Ross, and Mathew Santos.)

So this is why people don't like my short (but honest) answers (I don't feel like I have to explain anything when I know I'm telling the truth) and bad eye contact skills. They think I'm lying!

Artsy stuff:

Paintings of the presidents' girlfriends (did they really all wear red lipstick? I don't think so).

I love these constellations from thread.

Coverage of the Vocalis Choir in Salt Lake.

Cutesy video of a couple of photographers:

Meet the Brockintons from ashley brockinton on Vimeo.

I love this house of two skateboarders.

Apartment Therapy contest winners--worth checking out. I think this one's pretty funky (minus the antlers, thank you very much).

Red balloon homage video:

Stunning wedding pictures of a couple where the groom made the bride's dress. (I wish I could see more of the dress. It looks stunning. And I love his stubble!)

Cameron Moll prints are lovely (thanks, Melissa).

This photo essay of a bride who died 5 days later of cancer is heartbreaking.

This business card is brilliant.

Lovely artwork by Ryan McGinness.

I'm hearting this art blog.

Funny stuff:

Pre-chat video of man blowing a bubble using emoticons.

Cuban gynecologist car salesman commercial. Oh man.

Remember the awe of watching your hamster run through mazes? I should have tried this with a wok:

Google specials:

Tasks in calendar!

Inbox preview for slow connections (like mine).

Importing other email addresses! (I am swooning now!)

Automatic message translation! (Faint!)

Mormon Stuff:

Word stats of General Conference.

Funny young women memories of lessons

The history and implications of theethouing in prayer.

And on a more personal note:

Kamakazi mode is sometimes the only reason I get work done on my master's thesis. (Thanks, Francy!)

This is the doctor I've been referred to for sinus surgery (it's been 11 years, about time I'd say).

This is the allergy medicine I've been rubbing into my elbow three times a day!

Do you have any links for me to love?


  1. I'm happy you like the Write or Die app. It's kinda fun I think... I just tried out how it works *g*

  2. i love that writing thing. it's ironic finding it right when I'm done with school, though. maybe I can use it for writing blogs or something. haha.

    the jump rope thing was sweet too. thanks for a good hour of entertainment!

  3. The photo story about the bride battling cancer was SO heartbreaking. Thanks for the sweet links.