10 February 2009

Potential Facebook Stati of 11 February 2009

Michelle . . .

doesn't want to sell her plasma anymore.

wondered last week what to do about her shrinking bank account. This week, she has four jobs. (Plasma, Kindergarten, English, English.)

got to push four little kids around in a preschool stroller thingy and talk about animal sounds, names, and colors in English and German.

has no time to write her Master's thesis.

gave some hardcore ("throw it all away and buy everything I say") fashion advice.

had to order an official background check from the police.

got "tschüssed" by an investigator.

is wondering when she's going to have time to get ready for the "Michelle sacrament meeting" this week--organ, musical number, talk.

went to zone conference for an hour.

did her visiting teaching!

baked cookies that turned into cake for dinner on Sunday and baked eggless orange juice cake for dinner tonight.

can walk fast now with pain. Or without pain, if she limps. Or she can just walk slow.

is wondering how to get to the Valentine's dance in Mittweida.

can't understand the articles she's supposed to read as sources for her essay. And they're in English.

needs help: "Identity claims are not necessarily the intentional referent of the account, but only that system of self-knowledge necessarily actuated (and reproduced) while accomplishing an account of one's life."

is going to team up with a sister in her ward to bake Christmas-turned-to-birthday Stollen tomorrow.

changed her facebook settings to German.

is desperately trying to break a habit in order to reward herself this summer.

likes to sleep, but wishes there were some way to go without it in order to get more done.

is wondering why Germans have such strict internet privacy and copyright laws that she can't watch The Office, but they have nudey pics of themselves in online ads?

gets more done when she has a whole free day. Like that ever happens.

re-added "Preach My Gospel" to her daily scripture study routine.

was told that her hair had been "stripped of its cuticle." Can that be repaired or does the hair have to be cut off?

likes getting long, personal emails.

is either getting worse and worse at riding her bike, or the bike is getting rustier and rustier.

didn't doubt for a second that John would get into NYU. Now he and Tanya had better get to live in a neighboring country!

hasn't seen any roommates for a few days, just evidence thereof.

delivered some secret valentines tonight.


  1. You're awesome. You should totally start a twitter account. Seriously.

    Congrats on your Visiting Teaching. So early, too!

  2. Hey you don't know me but my name is Jason I found your blog from a post you made on Mormanity once and I now visit it sometimes.....I am not a creep. I live in Japan and get the same error messages when watching shows online. I think if you are trying to watch on hulu or something then it isn't privacy laws but it is the host of the site detecting your IP is located outside the United States and then block success because of licensing issues......You probably didn't care to know all that though did ya?

  3. If I joined Twitter, I'd just have one more thing on the internet to distract me from getting things done . . . maybe some day.

    Habit: ummm, embarrassing . . . zit picking.

    Jason: Yeah, it senses the IP and thus won't work because of Germany's strict copyright/licensing/whatever you want to call them laws. Anyway, thanks for stopping by the blog. Have fun in Japan.