08 February 2009

Some Boots Are Made for Walking

All winter, I've debated getting boots. Every time I saw how much they cost, I thought, "I made it last winter, I can do it this winter."

On Sunday afternoon, as usual, someone commented about my lack of warm shoes, namely, boots. I said, "I hate boots." Later I regretted it, as I've hated boots for as long as I can remember, but I have been wanting some--as long as they were flat and sturdy but still cute. And, of course, inexpensive.

Sunday evening, after helping the elders, I saw a pile of clothes that were for the taking at the institute, with a pair of boots included. Although they were 37s instead of 38s, I wore them home and was glad to have warm legs. They weren't the most fashionable boots, but they were free!

Tuesday, I proudly wore the boots to school, to plasma selling, around the city, pants tucked in. Ouch!!! I decided they'd be going back to the institute as soon as possible. I pulled my pant legs out and tried not to limp so no one would notice.

After institute, Sister Dixon presented me with her boots without even knowing what had happened during the week!!!! (Inspiration!) Her excuse was that she doesn't want to take them back to the U.S. with her when they leave in April. I can positively say that they are cute, and comfy, and warm. Plus, with the combination of my black peacoat, I'm feeling at least a little more fashionable in the cold weather.

My visiting teaching companion noticed the boots today and we were both happy. :) Thanks, Sister Dixon!

Here I am, displaying them on my way out my door:

Here are the YSAs at the institute (with Sister Dixon on the right):

Swisstory interviewed me at my germanyfromanamericanperspective.blogspot.com blog.


  1. Cute boots! Free is always awesome, sweet. And I love the Art Nouveu windows on the doors.

  2. You have long hair. And my word verification is Germanesque: amogiest

  3. Can't really see the boots too well, but your hair looks a different shade - is it? My verification is imingras - sorry, but I'm actually in snow!