25 November 2008

Picasaweb's Name Tag Function

I recently used Picasaweb's Name Tag function to tag all my photos. It was so weird to see picture after picture of myself and all the differences between them. It worked pretty well (thanks Google), but I wish it could learn as it goes and pull up more pictures as you eliminate some so you don't have to keep moving to the next section.

I got some funny things like this:

They must all be the same person because they're both turned to the side and puckering their lips. Ha ha.

Who is this guy? Nosferatu? I had to click to see the whole picture on this one. (It was from one of those cool collages I made on Flickr.)

See here for my pictures. (Apparently only I can see the tags.) Feel free to leave comments.


  1. It's probably just because I'm tired, but that pic of Nosferatu made me laugh so hard I got the hiccups.

  2. I'm glad it could make someone besides me laugh. :) I always enjoyed having the hiccups. I'd trade them any day for the cough I have right now.