25 November 2008

Thank You, Aunt Syd!

After my shameless scheming for money aunt Sydni found out that 1. I needed shampoo and 2. I was chatting with our friend Susan Parkin, she added me on chat and said we had to figure out a way to get me some shampoo. She ended up transferring money to my PayPal account--brilliant. (Just another reason to love the internet.)

Keeping my promise to use the money on necessities, I stopped by the nearest store and picked up the biggest, cheapest, best-smelling shampoo there. I now own a new bottle of Schwarzkopf shampoo. So, Aunt Syd, here is a picture of my clean hair just for you (wow, I look kind of crazy in this picture):

Sorry it took me a while to get this post up, I've been sick the last couple of days.

So why not continue the scheming? ;) For your own thank-you post, send money to my PayPal. The following items are up for donations for me to purchase:

-new Sunday shoes (a girl at church on Sunday stopped me to tell me my shoes were too big--they're really just stretched out)
-Skype minutes so I can call my family here and there
-a new case for my MacBook since the fake laptop cover I've been using has a ready-to-break zipper
-money to have books transferred here from other libraries for my thesis (not free in Germany)
-deodorant (Not like I'm sweating here--I still haven't turned the heat on and it's snowing outside, with a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. The snow's actually sticking. That never happened last year.)
-money for my doctorate application fees

Or you can send:

-Natural Ice chapstick (the original kind with the red cap is the best!)

Thanks, I love you!


  1. I'm so glad we figured out a way to get you some needed cash, and I'm glad your hair is clean now! Love you too!

  2. Check your paypal account again ...