22 November 2008

Finnish Shouting Choir, Top Unis, Research Woes

I have no idea of what to make of this.

And what about this list of the top 100 schools in the world? Pretty sure I was accepted to number 57 and 60 and I didn't go to either. Alas, I like what I did. I do have one more chance, though . . .

You know my research is going realllly well when every time you find a potential source, it's location looks like this:

(Only 5200 miles away. At least the ones at USU are only 5100 miles away. Why, oh why aren't any of these Mormon women's diaries digitized?!? And why does the church's microfilm ordering system have to be broken now?)

Or better yet:


Happy birthday to Amy and Aaron!


  1. That choir was just odd. It made me laugh, thanks for sharing.

  2. The shouting choir...uh...I'm speechless...very confused, but amused:)
    I enjoy your posts.
    Keep posting but study first.

  3. That was the Star Spangled Banner? So, a modern interpretation maybe . . . a defaming of our National Anthem for the sake of humor? Howling? Huh. Well, there we are Ms. American studies. Where does that leave us? :) Interesting.

    P.S. Something also interesting. My word verification is "ovarium" . .. .heeheee.

  4. Ovarium. Hmmm. Combination of choral and corporeal things.