05 October 2008

Credit Card Charges Concern

Sica texted me last week, saying that my credit union had called about some charges on my card. I called the lady and left a message saying that yes, they were my charges, and could she email me about why there was a concern?

This is what I got:

We didn't have a travel note on your debit card through our card company. Anytime they see unusual charges they will block the card. I now put a message on there that you are in Germany. Do you know how long you will be there and if you are traveling anywhere else, please let us know. If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me. Thank you. I unblocked the card.
Wow, after a year of living in Germany, they're just now noticing. That's comforting. You'd think that when I was withdrawing the max amount every day in order to open a bank account and get a visa, that would have sparked some major concern. Nope. I guess it's still better than paying to have a credit card in Germany. Weird banking system (why should I pay you to make money off me?), though it's great that everyone transfers money. Now I just wish that there was a worldwide banking association that made all banks able to work with each other. (I guess this goes along with my world correlation opinion, with things such as the metric system and the word "football").

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  1. Good to know that the banking system is so on top of things!