07 October 2008

American Classics

So my roommate came home from being a camp counselor in America this summer and is now annoyingly extremely enthusiastic about America. Some new things that have showed up since then have been

-Obama stickers
-the discovery of playing music loud (WHY OH WHY?)
-shirts, pants, and posters of American universities
-putting CDs on repeat
-American radio classics

So, here's the challenge. What songs are on the CD that I doubt I'll ever hear the end of?


Free falling
That's me in the corner
Summer of 69


  1. Chumbawumba anyone? What about NSync?

    If your roomie is playing her music pretty loud, I'm sure there might be a dashboard confessionals song in there somewhere. I'm SO sorry. I feel your pain.

  2. Reminds me of this sister I have who moved to Germany and now thinks Europe is the best place EVER.

    At least it's not Mariah Carey's "O Holy Night" 8,000 times in a row.

  3. Maybe she's got a little country music going there? What's wrong with being enthusiastic about America?

  4. I like loud music. I tend to crank it up at home, but especially in the car...just to see the responses I get. (Usually I get some pretty good looks when I crank up the rap music with a loud bass.)

  5. How come no one's guessing besides Melissa?