20 September 2007

Driving on the Right Side

Two and a half weeks in England rubbed off on me more than I thought it did. While I was there, I tried so hard to remember which way to look first when crossing the street. Even after I got it down, I had this deeply-instilled feeling that I should also look the other way, just in case. Sometimes I'd end up crossing the street looking back and forth four or five times. Ha ha.

Now that I'm here, I'm so confused! I keep looking to the right first. I'll get it eventually.

I often wonder if there will be a world correlation department some day. It's a bit of a tragedy, but with the internet connecting people, the world is getting smaller and cultural differences are disappearing. It wouldn't surprise me if signs all began to look alike. That'd actually be quite helpful for tourists. The idea of me driving here is scary. However, with my bank account the way it is, that's most likely not going to happen unless a friend with a car has an emergency . . .

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