25 June 2008

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Some posts I have enjoyed recently:

Mother in Heaven

Dutch Relief Society President During the War

Commercialization of Religion

Ice on Mars
Possibly False Pregnancy Pact Rumor

Where Your Vote Affects How You Vote (Churches, Schools, etc.)

People Who Saved Library Collections from Floods-which reminds me, I recently read that in Roman times, it was tradition for people to read aloud, so libraries were quite noisy places. I wonder how they know that. It's funny that libraries shifted from then to the stereotype of "Shhh!" to the modern library with "No Shh!" pins on their employees.

Top Ten Joseph Smith Quotations in This Year's Manual

Top Ten Joseph Smith Quotations Not in This Year's Manual

What if the James Boys Met?

Stink Bombs Could Save Lives

The Power of the Itch

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