20 June 2008

Heyborne Continued, Shock from NPR, Early Fan of Technology and Hilarious Wedding Post

Although I see Orson Scott Card's well-written point here, I still think Heyborne made the wrong choice. (And playing a character who smokes and does mean things is different than playing a character in a promotion video for something similar.) However, I realize everyone is at different points.

I couldn't believe this from NPR:

All Things Considered, June 20, 2008 · At least 17 teenagers at a Massachusetts high school seem may have made a pact to get pregnant and raise their babies together. Michele Norris talks with Time Magazine's Kathleen Kingsbury about the unusual spike in teen pregnancies in Gloucester, Mass.

To me, this screams, "Hi, let's ruin our spirits and our lives at the same time." The most interesting quotation to me is the following:

"So these are girls who didn't have a strong life plan, and they decided, essentially, to make their own life plan and take control of the situation," Kingsbury says. "They decided if they needed an identity, being a mother would be their identity."

With all the women in the world trying to deny the motherhood identity, these girls chose that. It just goes to show that people will take things to one crazy end or the other.

I recently read this post about a three-year-old who changed her sister's profile picture. That's awesome.

And last but not least, for all you wedding planners out there, check out this post. It will either give you some awesome hairdo ideas or make you bust your gut laughing.

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  1. Okay. .. I like this post of random news. I'm assuming the wedding updos are for me to look at? Thanks, but no thanks. . hahaa. I can't believe I've missed out on 6 months of blogging about my wedding! But who wants to read that? Maybe I'll start now that it's only a month away.