23 March 2008

Easter Weather

I decided to see if I could make it without heat, since I had to pay a large sum of extra money to the renters for the increase in heat this winter (even though it's been relatively calm I've been told, I guess I'm a wussy American). It's been hard. I stay in my bed for as long as possible, and jump around putting on sweaters and avoiding stepping on the wood floor without shoes on. My nose is constantly a dripping block of ice (which by the way, I always wondered why noses didn't drip when it was hot--isn't that illogical for something cold to drip?). My hands freeze, and I've been scarfing down hot chocolate (which I was doing anyway before the heat stayed off; I thought it was cold then). So, when I wake up on Easter morning when we're supposed to have an Easter egg hunt to see this (the first time I've seen it stick), I thought, "Whew boy. Happy Easter!"

It is 28 degrees Fahrenheit, which I know isn't that bad compared to Utah, but I think it might be 27 degrees in my room. On the bright side, I love Easter hymns (they are so joyful) and am humming them in my head as I freeze.

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