15 January 2008


This is so unlike me to give girly magazine fashion advice, so listen up! (I spent way too much time on this post, but hey, I got to try out GIMP.) Either I'm out on the latest eyebrow styles, or I know some people who need some eyebrow plucking pointers. There are a several categories of eyebrow mistakes. Some people have problems in more than one area.

This first specimen is the "white trash" eyebrow where the person got so carried away they forgot to leave an eyebrow and think that the few remaining hairs must be sufficient. Sometimes I wonder if they just took a razor to their face. It is not unusual to see these kinds with an obviously drawn-in eyebrow with a color that is too dark for the person. Solution: let your eyebrows grow out, pencil in where you should keep, and pluck until there. Sure, it might seem weird to walk around for a few weeks with eyebrow stubble as it regrows, but not as weird as not having eyebrows. Oh, and, don't leave the pencil. That's gross.

This eyebrow is what I call the "Surprised Grandma" eyebrow. I distinctly remember a teacher at Oly Jr. who not only had these eyebrows, they weren't real anyway. They were so obviously and thickly drawn in this way. Needless to say, we surprised each other every time we ran into each other. Solution: let your eyebrows follow the bone above your eye. Unless you have a weird-shaped bone there, you should look better.

The too-straight eyebrow usually occurs because the person has gone and done a big no-no: plucking from above. Always pluck from the bottom, unless you have eyebrows that grow up to your hairline, but we're mainly focusing on fairly normal people here. Solution: remember what I said about that bone!

The wedge: keep plucking, don't stop once you get there! And don't pencil in squared edges. Yuck.

This eyebrow is the variation of the wedge, except there's a missing wedge inside! It scares me how often I'm seeing this one lately. Solution: let the wedge grow, people, just let it grow, then pluck from the bottom!

The not-wide-enough or too-wide eyebrow: see the general pointers below.

The classic unabrow. This example is for those of you who don't pluck/wax/whatever and are still reading just because you think this post is funny. Solution: start plucking according to the guidelines given in this post. However, I must warn you. Once you start, you've got to keep it up for forever.

General pointers:

-The general idea of plucking is to thin out thick eyebrows or get rid of stray hairs that don't really have an important part in the eyebrow. If your eyebrows are thicker than a normal pencil, they're probably too thick.

-If you were to line up the aforementioned pencil with one side of the widest part of your nose and your tear duct on the same side, that is where your eyebrows should go to in the middle. Keeping the pencil lined up at the nose, turn the pencil so it lines up with the outside corner of your eye. Your eyebrows should not be wider than that.

-Eyebrow pencils are for darkening, not for drawing. The best solution is just not to use them. People know you have blonde eyebrows even if you color them in.

Note: just because I understand how eyebrows should be plucked doesn't mean mine are up to par.

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  1. I like my eyebrows just the way they are, thank you very much.