16 January 2008

Carrot Juice: It's Okay, It's Got Honey

I wanted to show you what my friend bought for me the other day. Luckily, I tried it after he wasn't around anymore. The stuff is awful. I can't believe anyone would buy it voluntarily. Notice in the lower left corner of the label, it says "mit Honig" which is, roughly translated (ha ha), "with honey." The little buggers know how bad it is and try to fix it up a little, but I'll never be fooled again! Can you just imagine some wife saying, "Oh, don't buy that. It's carrot juice," and her husband answering, "It's okay, honey, it's got honey in it."

As I almost spewed the first sip, I thought, "I bet Heidi would just love this stuff."

However, it passes my F requirements (food and free), so I have been taking two gulps with my meals until it's gone. Blech. Try having carrot-flavored burps later. Nasty.

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