13 May 2007


"Mom," I asked, "when I'm 70 and a hermit and living in the mountains of Pennsylvania, do I still have to go to Church, even if I don't want to see anybody?"
Dad answered, "It won't happen. There aren't mountains in Pennsylvania."
"Just by being a recluse you are not living the Gospel of serving others," said Mom.

Darn. I've been wondering about that for a while now. It would be cool to live so simply that I don't even know or care what day it is. My friend Katie and I used to say that we (Melinda included) would live in a cabin in the boonies and braid each other's long, gray hair every day. I've heard people say before that the Church is necessary for lifting each other.

I figured out what I can do. I can knit those leper's bandages and send some off all the time. The money I don't use because of how simply I'm living could be donated. That would be serving!

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