13 May 2007

Cars, Jobs, and Boyfriends

At my cousin's farewell luncheon today, my uncle asked, "So why did you quit your job at the Church?"
"Retired," I corrected, "probably for the same reason you did."
"They were paying you too much?"
I laughed at that and sarcastically affirmed his question. I soon found out he was serious. He felt bad that they were paying him so much tithing money for a job he thought wasn't worth the pay. How would that have been? I thought everyone and their dog joked about how Church employment hardly paid anything, but maybe that was just in the Library! Or maybe, as I now suspect, it was just in Access Services! I heard recently that a man from another unit was put into Access Services so someone else could be hired (happens fairly often, they think anyone can succeed in Access Services). I passed him nearly every day, and he was always nice, so I can't really say anything about his skills. But anyway, for accepting him, the unit was able to receive three level thirteens! Lucky Brett. I had to fight for my eleven after months of being in the position.
Uncle Scott proceeded to try to convince me that I needed "a job, a car, and a boyfriend."
I said, "If you have a boyfriend, you don't need a job or a car." (I was feeling facetious, as is usual these days.)
Judith was more encouraging in saying that I needed to go to "rich environments" where guys who have the qualities I like would be, such as poetry readings and art museums. Yeah . . .
That's where Uncle Scott said I would need the car.

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