28 July 2015

New Moccasins

Several years ago, I started buying suede moccasins from Target. Even though the ties didn't like to stay in place, the moccasins were really comfy and casual, so I'd glue the ties and once the shoes got worn out I'd buy a new pair. And then I discovered that I could wash them and they'd look pretty nice again. So I've been washing this last pair for two years, but a hole that my toe stuck out of convinced me to finally get a new pair. Unfortunately, the two Targets in San Francisco weren't big enough to stock the moccs, so I had to wait until I went down to Sunnyvale.

Suede Moccasins From Target photo TargetSuedeMoccasins_zpsedvtpyau.jpg

I'm not sure why the new pair looks bigger. It was about time though, wasn't it? The new ones feel like hugs.

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