11 June 2014

Working for Google

Google Adsense photo ScreenShot2014-06-18at10008PM_zps3248627b.png

Google AdSense emailed several weeks ago, saying they didn't have the necessary information to pay me. I was confused about why I had been signed up for seven years and had never been asked for this information before, so I logged in and guess what? After seven years, I've finally crossed the payment threshold, $100. Ha ha ha ha. That's about $14 a year. Maybe I can make it there in fewer than seven years next time?

Another thing I find hilarious is that the thing that has boosted my Google AdSense the most is the embarrassing exercise video I made to help others survive a broken foot. It's gotten over 40,000 views now! I still get comments on the associated blog post: "How to Survive a Broken Foot" and I always try to answer. 

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