05 June 2014

Last Bits of Shanghai

Here are some last photos of Shanghai life.

Working at Hult photo IMG_2446_zps903f3e1e.jpg
I did a lot of work at Hult until I realized that I could hook up my laptop to our TV and have two screens.

Penguin While Michael's Away photo 2014-02-19202312_zps7468ef99.jpg
Michael went to India with his Hult Prize team. He left me a penguin to keep me company. We made breadsticks.

Michael Making People Mad in India photo 2014-02-22085543_zps28389422.jpg
Meanwhile, Michael was in India buying way more Indian food than I requested and making a woman at the supermarket angry.

Sunburned Skin Filled With Water photo 2014-04-04073013_zps398ae359.jpg
My sunburns had loose skin on top that would fill with water when I showered and made me scared it would rip if it got too full.

Philippine Sunburn photo 2014-04-01174148_zpsed957a66.jpg
The scariest picture of my sunburn. Sorry. Ack, it was painful.

Michael can always make me laugh.

 photo 2014-04-29191509_zps85e7fd1d.jpg
We went to dinner at my friend Linwo's house. He walked us through this cool little area in the southwest corner of Shanghai that we'd never heard of.

Visiting Linwo's Family in Shanghai photo 2014-04-29210923_zps44cfc8d9.jpg
We got to see his new baby, who had a shaved head. I tried to help him log in to Facebook using my VPN (does that mean I'm a bad person), but he couldn't remember his password and recovery didn't work because he couldn't remember which birth date he'd put in . . .

Goodbye Breakfast at Downstairs Cafe photo IMG_0138_zps74ac5b81.jpg
We had a goodbye breakfast at Downstairs Cafe in the Urbn Hotel, and I was happily surprised how many friends came. The food and service were a bit disappointing, though.

With our friends Kate and Ben photo IMG_0139_zpse264d82c.jpg
One of the silver linings of living at Tianhong Residence was that we got to be good friends with lovely Kate and Ben.

Lucia, Michelle, and Kate Make Chocolate! photo 2014-05-10185728_zpsd0a0d057.jpg
The day before we left, after my digital perm, I baked for a couple of hours with Lucia and then Kate because I needed to use up some remaining cocoa and sugar. Yes, those are Brazilian brigadeiro on the left. My friend Marcio was so nice to teach us how.

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