07 October 2013

Personal Hygiene and Other September Amusements in Shanghai

Add your own glue to your stamps in China photo 2013-09-261156442_zpseeabf6bc.jpg
I licked a stamp at the post office, only to find out I had to use a brush in a container of glue provided at the counter. China rookie.

Public announcements in China like to make rulebreakers look mean photo 2013-09-27234048_zpsb0d20290.jpg
Public service announcements are full of cartoons, and the rule-breakers always look super mean.

Hand warmers on a scooter in Shanghai photo 2013-09-27141005_zps2b3b344d.jpg
I thought these perma-handwarmers on a scooter were clever.

Corner bicycle and scooter repairman in Shanghai, China photo 2013-09-27150610_zpsae313241.jpg
There are bicycle and scooter repairmen sitting at a lot of corners, just waiting for your misfortune.

Big backpack in Hongkou, Shanghai, China photo 2013-09-27145717_zps3587dd16.jpg
I thought my backpack was big. Maybe it looks like that on me.

Dog in a backpack in Hongkou, Shanghai, China photo 2013-09-27145743_zps46ad79e1.jpg
Dog in a backpack (for realsies).

Advertising puffy coats in September and on brides? Oh, China photo 2013-09-26160744_zpsb5e507b7.jpg
Big puffy coats are being advertised as sweat drips down our faces. Also, on a bride?

Target in Shanghai!?! Nope. :( photo 2013-09-24200906_zps63aeacc6.jpg
I was so excited--a Target in Shanghai! Turns out this mall just likes circles.

HULT International Business School Building Shanghai, China photo 2013-09-25112543_zps068585a0.jpg
This is the most peaceful study area at HULT International Business School Shanghai. (Side note: Michael was elected for HSA.)

1st Wedding Anniversary photo 2013-09-20170810_zpsd576bc40.jpg
We had our first wedding anniversary. A disastrous attempt to bargain at a fake market meant I showed up at Michael's school with a pot of flowers and a piece of chocolate vanilla cake.

Kamu Japanese Restaurant in Shanghai photo photo3_zps784abb9a.jpg
Finding the tepanyaki place we were going to eat at to celebrate our anniversary was also disastrous, so we ended up at this really good Japanese restaurant.

Japanese restaurant in Shanghai, China photo anniversary1-2_zpsba4810db.jpg

Kamu Japanese Restaurant in Shanghai photo photo1_zps587a3dc3.jpg
The food was really good.

Shanghai China LDS Church photo 2013-09-14170047_zpsd1731c2c.jpg
This is where Sunday services of the LDS church are held.

Shanghai DAFF 2013 (Design, Art, and Fashion Festival) photo 2013-09-21170056_zps4b91ce1e.jpg
A nice entrepreneur we met brought us to the Shanghai 2013 Design, Art, and Fashion Festival. I didn't actually try the Ethiopian food, but just the prettiness of their setup made me like this place.

 photo output_bgRFqd_zps3db8225a.gif
I watched this woman physically haggling pedestrians and was so glad I was not out there.

 photo 2013-09-20221629_zps5e2cd6d8.jpg
It never ceases to surprise me when a well-dressed woman suddenly reveals a full armpit of hair. The stereotype is that European women don't shave their armpits, but it looks to me like not shaving is far more normal here in China.

Chinese guy with nasty long fingernails photo 2013-09-25095917_zps165489ff.jpg
Check out this guy's fingernails. I see a lot of men with super-long fingernails and I can only imagine them cleaning out their ears and scratching. Yuck.

A lot of men also will make this really loud, nasty sound and then spit a logie (sp?) onto the ground--sidewalk, street, wherever.

Man in pajamas in public in Shanghai, China photo 2013-10-04113531_zps6e4ed331.jpg
Somehow it's also normal for men to wear pajamas in public.

And finally, I've been too shy to get a picture, but when the weather is hot, many men walk around with their shirts up so their stomach can get some air. Weird. I keep telling Michael that I'm going to do the same just to be funny, but I don't really want to show my stomach.

Poverty next to prosperity in Shanghai, China photo 2013-09-21154320_zps093607ed.jpg
There are so many impoverished-looking shacks and people, with a background of prosperity.

Water is the source of life. photo 2013-09-26191308_zps2c7b0e2e.jpg
I'm sure glad that last sentence is on there, because I had no idea that water is the source of life.

 photo 2013-10-06122336_zpsaa5e6aa2.jpg
Clever customer service at Carrefour, a favorite grocery store for many HULT students.

Rumpled wedding dress in Shanghai, China photo 2013-09-16201959_zps4878da7b.jpg
This poor bride seems to have collapsed on her wedding day.


  1. Haha, yes please hang your belly out when it's hot - I'm sure you're not getting enough stares as it is ;). Happy Anniversary - I'm glad you've found some food that you like.

  2. I read that in Japan and other areas of Asia it is considered rude to blow your nose in public. That might explain while you hear them making that sound.

    1. I've read that, too, which made me scared to blow my nose during dinner, but then I saw Chinese people do it, so I followed suit. How funny that making such a loud and disgusting sound and making a mess on the ground might be considered nicer by some.

  3. You can imagine Paul's reaction to that dog-in-a-backpack.

  4. Happy 1st anniversary! :) I really enjoyed the picture! Sounds like quite the adventure!

  5. I enjoyed reading this! I needed a laugh today, so thank you! :) And happy anniversary! :)

  6. Hi! I'm totally just stalking you from seeing your blog on YMF. Also I just like people who are learning Chinese since I am half-Chinese so I feel like I should encourage you to teach your children Chinese even though I don't know you at all! AND, maybe you know my brother since you live/go to church in Shanghai. That is all! I just wanted to say hi because I wish people who stalked my blog would say hi sometimes!

    1. Thanks for stalking me and commenting. I love that!

      Yay for Chinese! It's fascinating and frustrating, and I can now absolutely understand just how impenetrable China can seem to the outside world. I'm hoping that I'll teach the German, Michael and his family will teach the Chinese, and the kids'll pick up English from the rest of the family? Ha, we'll see how that goes.

      Who is your brother? I'll have to see if I've met him.

  7. Congratulations Michael for being elected to HSA! Thanks for the pictures-what a beautiful place!