28 September 2013

Sending Love from Hong Kong

Dear brother Jeff,

Since I totally spaced calling you during your birthday in America, I decided I had to do something awesome in China and document it for you. While on top of Hong Kong's highest lookout point, I saw there was a place to write a message on a heart and leave it there at the top, so I did that just for you. Happy birthday!

Love, Michelle


  1. I just read your 'how to survive a broken foot' entry and almost died laughing and crying! You are so right on the mark. I just broke my right foot, RIGHT DRIVING FOOT!!!! Six weeks IS seven years. People ignore you, crutches ARE the devils work, I shower on a cooler in the tub. You are a riot, I wish you lived here in my town. We could be friends. Nobody understands...boo hoo...poor me.

  2. I just read your 'how to survive a broken foot' entry. I just broke my right foot, MY RIGHT DRIVING FOOT!! Everything you said is true. Six weeks IS seven years ( I am 3 years into my sentence). I shower on a cooler, crutches ARE the devil's work. People are awful. It happened while away, 3000 miles away. Flying home was traumatic. I wish you lived here so we could be friends. Nobody understands...poor me.

  3. Oh and P.S. Every muscle, bone, ligament and molecule in my body hurts. And if that wasn't enough, I pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve in my back. Way, way, way worse than my broken foot. Oh and I forgot to mention my broken left rib. hhahahahahh I have to laugh otherwise I'll cry...

    1. I can't even imagine flying home after such an injury. Cry all you need to, but I hope you can find something to laugh about as well!