15 September 2013

More Amusements in Shanghai

Some more random amusements for you:

I couldn't believe how many men were standing around to watch a movie on a screen in an appliance store. Michael said that happens in the U.S., too, but I've never seen it. 

Devil horns hats at KFC.

The biggest playplace I've ever seen. Sarcasm.

We found this lamp at a place not unlike Home Depot. It would match our leotard gold curtains perfectly, don't you think? 

I knew that girls hold hands with their friends, but I didn't expect to see girls doing perma-hugs a whole subway ride. How come I'm the one who gets the stares?

Even if I wanted a tattoo, I think I would look elsewhere to get it. You?

The freeways are lined with plants. Like.

More giant produce.

This is not the first store I've seen where Christmas decorations were used as normal decorations. I guess they like the red and gold?

More steamed buns with faces. 

Also, did you hear about this woman who had a pickled snake bite her? China never ceases to amaze.


  1. That pickled snake thing is the strangest, grossest, scariest thing I have ever read about. Probably...

    1. Heidi, try this one: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2159692/Womans-mouth-falls-pregnant-squid-biting-sea-creature-scientists-claim.html (Though this was in South Korea.)

  2. I MISS YOU! I loved this post. My sister lived in Beijing for a year and would send us the most fascinating pics and stories. I'm happy to read yours! I cracked up at all of them, esp the girls hugging.

  3. This girls hugging thing is something several of my Chinese friends do. It isn't sexual, (at least it wasn't when they hugged me) but was more a way to show support. Often, when our breathing patterns, (and heart rates) matched, then the hug was successful.

    Kinda strange the first few times, but ultimately wonderful.